Safety Information

Neighborhood Resources

Emergency                                                                               911
Non-Emergency                                                                     327-3811
IMPD East District                                                                 327-6200
IMPD East District Crimewatch Coordinator             327-6265
IMPD East Community Relations                                    327-6267
City Services

Mayor’s Action Center                                                         327-4MAC (327-4622)

Report Code violations, animal control, weeds, abandoned cars, illegal businesses, etc.

iPhone & Android App – search for “requestindy”

Mayor’s Neighborhood Liaison                                     452-0336

For personal help with city government and neighborhood problems

Health Enforcement                                                              221-2141

For building boarding, unsafe buildings, trash, rodents, housing conditions, etc.

Department of Code Enforcement                                327-8700

For permits, zoning, building codes, permits, illegal businesses, etc.

City of Indianapolis Citizen Access

Online forms for accessing Permits, land use, history and preservation, health department, and business licenses

Enforcement:  building, zoning, infrastructure, high weeds & grass, damage, etc.

East 10th Street Civic Association                                  633-8162

Economic development activities, marketing support, collaborative advertising, streetscape improvements, 10th Street crime watch initiatives, special events, etc.

John H. Boner Community Center                                633-8210

Employment, elder & senior services, financial literacy, housing, and children and youth services

People’s Health & Dental Center                                       633-7364

Provides primary health care, regardless of ability to pay.  Services include:  dental care, immunizations, laboratory services, mental health services, pediatrics, nutrition and other health education.  Bilingual staff are available.

Crime Prevention Bulletin

In an effort to reduce crime in the East District, we are asking for your help.  Please take advantage of these simple crime prevention tips.


  • Lock your doors and windows
  • Reinforce sliding patio doors
  • Keep your outside lights on at night
  • Have lights on a timer when not at home
  • Trim bushes and tress around your residence that could conceal burglars
  • Keep your curtains or shades closed as not to advertise your valuables
  • Record the serial numbers of items and keep the list in a safe place
  • Do not keep valuable jewelry in your jewelry box
  • Consider purchasing a home alarm

Vehicle Related Crimes

  • Most thefts occur from unlocked vehicles
  • Lock your car and remove the garage door opener
  • Do not leave items of value in “plain view” in the drivers compartment of vehicles
  • As cold weather approaches, do not leave  your vehicle unlocked and running


  • Call the police if you see suspicious activity
  • Keep outside lights on at night
  • Don’t open the door or let strangers into your home
  • Keep your doors and windows locked
  • Look around before exiting your vehicle
  • Don’t carry large amounts of cash
  • Park in well lit areas
  • Travel with a friend.  There is safety in numbers.

Crime Watch

Start or reactivate a Crime Watch in your neighborhood!  For any non-emergency neighborhood complains or questions, call the IMPD East District Community Relations Office at 327-6265.

Brought to you by the East District Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department

3229 N. Shadeland Ave.

Indianapolis, IN 46219


Commander James Waters

IMPD Phone Directory

Crime Hotline

A 24-hour crime hotline is available to serve the Indianapolis community. Call anonymously to report illegal drug dealing, illegal firearms, prostitution or other criminal activity. Messages may be left in Spanish or English. Information wanted by police: description and location of activity address or description of location firearms or weapons involved names or descriptions of those involved description of vehicles and license plate numbers.

Call 327-MOTA (6682)
Be greeted with a message recorded in Spanish
Report criminal activity
Calls may be anonymous
Record a message in Spanish or English
Messages are retrieved and acted upon daily by detectives
If you would like an officer to contact you include your name and phone number with the message.

Organizing A Neighborhood CrimeWatch BLOCK CLUB:

A Block Club is a self-help cooperative effort to reduce crime and fear of crime. This is achieved by citizens, law enforcement, and local government working together. Members of a Block Club are not asked to be vigilantes or to assume the role of the police. However, they assist law enforcement by OBSERVING AND REPORTING.

The following requirements must be completed in order to establish a CrimeWatch Neighborhood Block Club:

  1. A meeting with a District CrimeWatch Specialist.
  2. A meeting with the District Community Resource Liaison Officer.
  3. A membership roster submitted to the CrimeWatch Specialist.

Determine Interest:
There are some preparations to make before scheduling a meeting with the CrimeWatch Specialist, which will help organize a successful Block Club. If you are interested, please contact your IMPD District CrimeWatch Specialist to get started!

IMPD Community Programs

Public Information Office
200 E. Washington St., T120
Indianapolis, IN 46204

The Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department offers a number of outreach and education programs for children that are described below. The department’s PAL Club also provides a variety of programs and services to the youth of Indianapolis, and the Explorer Program gives youth an opportunity to explore a career in law enforcement.

Bears on Patrol
The Bears on Patrol program is designed to reduce the trauma suffered by children who are exposed to violence, abuse, or other upsetting incidents. Patrol officers are issued new, plush teddy bears that they carry with them while on patrol. As officers encounter children who are victims of traumatic incidents, they give bears to them. Officers report that the bears have been valuable to them in comforting upset children.

The program is funded by donations from community and civic groups. People interested in contributing to the program may call (317) 327-3424.

Body Safety Program
The Body Safety Program is an important opportunity to protect children. It is a community service provided by the Victim Assistance Unit of the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department to educators and school administrators in Marion County. This prevention program empowers children to protect themselves. It enables them to tell a trusted adult if they have been a victim of sexual assault. Presentations are adapted to the age and interest level of participating children and youth.

Our ‘Parent Program’ also introduces parents to the content of the presentation their child will be attending. It includes pertinent information about child sexual assault.

For more information about the Body Safety Program or if you our your school wishes to schedule a presentation please contact Jessica Mederios at 327-7843 or Frances Hicks at 327-5028.

Additional information on child safety may be found at the Good Touch/Bad Touch web site.

Gun Safety Program
In the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department’s “Gun Safety” program, 2nd and 3rd graders attending Indianapolis Public Schools are educated about the importance of not touching guns and given information about who to tell if they see a gun.

For more information about this program, please call (317) 327-3187.

Healthy Reasons to Say No to Drugs
Under the “Healthy Reasons to Say No to Drugs” program, law enforcement is engaged in a partnership with all Marion County schools to present the message of drug resistance. School children receive counseling and education designed to increase their awareness of the dangers of drug use and to strengthen their ability to say “NO!” The program includes two contests: an essay and drawing contest in the fall for 4th and 5th graders; and a poster contest in the spring for high school students.

For more information about this program, please contact (317) 327-3187.


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