Neighborhood News – 3/5/13

Trolley that ran along 10th Street until it was retired in 1953.  Photo courtesy of Emerson Heights Neighborhood.

5th Annual PI Day!

PI Day

PI Day Entry Form


Feast of Lanterns Workshops

Come out and make a lantern that will be auctioned off at the Feast on August 24th.   It’s fun and not as hard as you think.  Workshops run from now until the Feast and are on the 1st and 3rd Monday’s of the month.  You don’t have to attend every single workshop in order to participate but plan on at least 3 or 4 in order to make a lantern.  There are about 5 months to go, so lots of time to participate!


Children’s Bureau, Inc.

CBI offers FREE case work for any family as long as the family is not involved with CPS, the juvenile courts, and healthy families.  Case work means they will teach families about resources and how to utilize them.  Any family that needs help with food, uniforms, shelter, health care, etc. can utilize case work.  To refer a client please contact Satin Howard at and please go check out their web site at

Accepting Applications Online Through March 15th (Click here for online form)


2013 School on Wheels Education Champion Award

Award Background

Many educators, both traditional and non-traditional, often work long hours with minimal recognition.  Over the years, the staff at School on Wheels has partnered with inspiring educators, youth workers, social workers, and volunteers whose focus is to help students excel in school and life.  The Education Champion award will recognize an individual who has devoted his or her time, expertise, and focus in supporting youth and championing education.  This individual will stand out among their peers as a passionate, dedicated educator.


A Nominee for the Education Champion will fill the following criteria:

  • Work as a traditional or non-traditional educator including: tutor, teacher, social worker, volunteer, youth worker, clergy, mentor, etc…  The focus of his or her work must be educational and illustrate a direct impact on youth.
  • Have five or more years of experience working with youth in education.
  • Be willing to participate in a phone interview.
  • Agree to an on-line background check.
  • Be an Indiana resident.
  • May not be a current School on Wheels employee, current School on Wheels volunteer, or an immediate relative of a current School on Wheels employee.
  • Provide one reference from an individual or coworker impacted by this person’s service. (Finalists)
  • Be available to attend the April 26th Education Celebration awards.
  • Share his or her story on how he or she used the $1,000 education award to be recorded and featured at a future Education Celebration award ceremony and in other media at School on Wheels’ discretion.

Award Benefits

  • Public recognition at a live awards program (2013 Education Celebration) and in the media
  • Two complimentary tickets to the Education Celebration
  • A $1,000 monetary award to use toward furthering the educational work and impact for which they were recognized

Process and Timeline

Nominations can be submitted at through March 15th.  Candidates may self-nominate.  A panel of independent judges will evaluate the nominations.  Finalists will be interviewed by phone April 12th-15th.  The award recipient will be notified by April 18th and honored at the Education Celebration on Friday, April 26, 2013.

Event Information

Celebrate the power of education!  The Education Celebration will recognize individuals and organizations that have made an impact on education and School on Wheel sin the past year.  Over 500 attendees will gather to honor the good work of the Education Champion, a corporate partner, tutor, tutoring team, and philanthropist.

Date and Time:  Friday, April 26th, 2013, 6:30 pm – 10:00 pm

Location:  The Indianapolis-Marion County Central Library

For more information please see their website


Big Brother Big Sisters of Central Indiana

BBBS of CI reported that there are 200 children on the near east side just waiting for an adult to step up and be a Big for them.  Being a Big is EASY and usually gives more than it takes.  Being a Big spends a little time with their little usually once or twice a month and you get a support match specialist to help you with pesky details like what to do and what happens if something strange happens.  BBBSCI gets lots of free and discount tickets to do lots of things but Littles would be thrilled just to go hang out.  MEN we REALLY need you.  Most of those 200 are boys looking for a positive male role model.  And if you are in an established relationship you can become a Big Couple as well.  If you personally can’t do this, then you can check out the attached flier and invite BBBSCI to go to your church, social club, sports team, or work to invite people there to work with the kids.  Feel free to contact

Neal Gore
Match Support Specialist

or Laura Halt (information below)



IMPD Crime Viewer

IMPD has a new mapping tool that allows you to enter your address and identify crimes, locations, and dates. You can sort by distance from your home, periods of time, and types of crime.   It is simple to use and should give neighbors a better sense of what is happening around them.  The link below will take you to the website:

You can also access map tools for Rebuild Indy, Zoning, and other city functions from this site.


Transportation Confabulation



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